Joseph Friedman

About Me

Hey, Thanks for visiting and learning all about me!

I'm a software engineer who is passionate about using technology to empower people. My current focus building machine learning projects, teaching software engineering and expanding my knowledge of AI. I am open to my next role as a Software Engineer, Developer Advocate, or Instructor.

I started in technology as a kid programming in basic and building PCs. From there I earned the Comptia A+ and Network+ certifications and began to work as a freelance IT technician. Along the way I worked in retail and ecommerce and rediscovered my love of programming in the form of web development. More recently I completed the Machine Learning Engineer and Deep Learning Nanodegrees from Udacity while teaching AP Computer Science and leading robotics workshops. I've also had the privilege teaching at the Girls Who Code summer immersion program.

Things I've Made

Image Captioning Bot

A Twitter bot that uses a deep neural network to caption images.

This project was made with Tensorflow and deployed on Google's Cloud Machine Learning Engine. It is (mostly) serverless and ready to scale!

3D TicTacToe AI

A deep reinforcement learning agent that can play and win 3D TicTacToe.

Lightning Talk @GDGNYC

A quick introduction to Tensorflow graph mode.

Blog Post

Technical interviews suck, but Algorithms and Data Structures don't have to.